Copy Paste Facebook Party –Wellness and Pampering

Use this as a basic outline for your party. You can mix and match images and posts from past parties too.

Template Tip: Do not copy and paste comments in red that you see at the top of each post. Just copy the text under each post title. Paste it into Facebook and then publish or schedule to your group. Be sure to personalize the post with specific info for your party and to meet your personality.

Be sure to change out the Weekly Special and go Live to launch and close your party. Engagement with your guests is key. Host coach and have your host post a couple of posts as well. 😊 Additional engagement posts can be found in the JEU >> Media Center.

Posts can be posted 3-4 over the course of three days or posted 3-5 minutes apart during a 45 minute party. You can kick off a party with a LIVE in Facebook and then end with a live as well.

Insert emojis to make the posts festive and fun. Posts can also be used as stand alone posts on your business page, Instagram and personal profile.