Share a Teaser on Social Media

It’s time to start spreading the news all about your new business. You have amazing Jordan Essentials products to share with the world! Your future customers are out there just waiting for you to connect with them!

Hot Tip: Use the big bold solid background on Facebook to share these teasers. Add them to your Instagram and Facebook Stories. Capture their attention with a photo of you showing your excitement!

I said yes to something big! Any guesses?

3 Days until I spill the tea! Want to know my big news first? Comment NEWS below!

Raise your hand if you’re a fan of natural wellness products!

I’m revealing my next new adventure TOMORROW. And, it’s SO good! Who wants to know the scoop … and, maybe a few samples as a thank you for cheering me on!

I have discovered the BEST wellness products. Obsessed! I’ll be sharing an unboxing and more info soon. Interested in learning more? Comment below!

I’m super excited for a new opportunity. More news to come! Can’t wait to share it with you!

Raise your hand if you LOVE wellness products with clean ingredients!

Big news coming! I’ll be sharing more soon! Any guesses?

Announce on Social Media

It’s time to make it official! Let’s share your new journey with Jordan Essentials on social media! This is a great way to announce your “grand opening” and invite others to learn more. Here’s an example of what to share in your announcement post:

Today is the day! Are you ready for my big announcement? I’m so excited to share that I’m officially partnering with an incredible wellness brand with natural, everyday solutions I know you’ll love! I’m starting my journey with Jordan Essentials because (add in your why here!). These products are incredible! Here are a few highlights:

Here’s the fun part, I’m sharing an unboxing in just a few days and I’d love your support. As a thank you, I might be able to even sneak you a sample. Would you like to check it out? Simply comment YES below and I’ll send you the details!

**Add a fun photo of you with your Consultant Kit when it arrives or a few of your favorite products!

Be sure to reply thoughtfully to each comment on your post. Then, follow up personally with each person who engages (likes or comments) on your post. Invite them to check out your unboxing and your upcoming launch events! In your follow-up messages you can say something like:

Hi (name)! Thank you so much for your interest in my new adventure! It means the world to me! I’m unboxing on (when) and (where). Can you tune in?

I saw your comment, (name)! I’d love to include you in my kick-off! I’m hosting an online “Pit Stop Party” as I get going! Are you free on (date) and (time)?

I so appreciate your support (name)! I’m hosting my very first event on (when) and I’ll share the whole product line. Would you like an invite?

Personal Connections

As much as we love social media, you’ll create the most impact by reaching out individually to those that you are close to on your Launch List Worksheet (page 6). Start with those that are closest to you – your family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors. They will be so happy to support you!

This step is important because not everyone sees everything you post on social media – and, some are not even spending much time on social media at all. Ve sure to personally reach out to as many of your connections as possible to share the news and invite them to follow your journey. A great next step is inviting them to your upcoming “Pit Stop Party” events!

As you make those personal connections, here’s some ideas of what to say:

Hi (name)! I know things get lost on social media and I wasn’t sure if you saw my big news! I’m partnering with an incredible wellness company, Jordan Essentials. Your support would mean the world to me. Can I send you an invite to my launch?

Hey, hey (name)! The cat is out of the bag! I’m getting started with Jordan Essentials and I couldn’t help but think of you and your family. Would you like to take a peek at what it is all about?

I couldn’t wait to tell you, (name)! I’m kicking off my newest entrepreneurial adventure on (date) and I’d love for you to be there! Are you free?

After you share your teaser and announcement posts on social media, we want to continue creating a buzz about your new business. You’ll find 15 days of social content to get your followers talking and learning more about Jordan Essentials. It goes beyond What to Post on social media. Be sure to thoughtfully reply to each comment on your post. As a next step, let’s keep the conversation going. Send out direct messages to those engaging with your post using the 1:1 Response as inspiration: This is where the magic happens! 

Hot Tip: To get the most visibility, share these posts where your audience is most active.


What to Post:

Use the text post option with a colored background. 

Question: Have you heard about the benefits of Magnesium?

In the comments reply back and mention: 55% of the population is deficient in Magnesium. 

1:1 Response: Okay, let’s talk all things Magnesium! Have you used topical Magnesium before?


What to Post:

Okayyyy… the word is out! I’m OBSESSED with all things Jordan Essentials. In fact, I’m oh-so-in-love, that I’m their newest brand rep! Yep! From lotion bars to mineral makeup, I got you! Drop your fave emoji below if you want the details! 

1:1 Response: Thank you so much for asking for more details on Jordan Essentials!! It’s such a great product line. I know you’ll love it. Can I send you a virtual catalog to browse?


What to Post:

Raise your hand if you love SAMPLES! I have a box of goodies coming and I’d love for a few of you to try my new lotion bars and lotion! 

1:1 Response: YAY! Thanks for your interest in a sample! All I need is your mailing addy and phone number! Once you try them out, will you tell me what you think?


What to Post:

Which Magnesium Stick would you choose to brighten your day? 

Peace Essential Oil Blend Magnesium Stick: For those moments of tranquility, this soothing blend helps you find your inner calm. 


Energy Essential Oil Blend Magnesium Stick: When you need a burst of vitality, this zesty blend boosts your energy and focus. Tell us your choice in the comments below! 

1:1 Response: Hey (name)! I’m totally obsessed with (which one) Stick! It’s so great to have in your purse when on-the-go! Want to check out the whole collection?


What to Post:

So many of you have asked how you can support my new wellness business! I’ve got you! And, here’s the thing – I know you’re going to love it! If you are looking for natural solutions for a healthy home and lifestyle, you’re going to love this! I’m sending out virtual catalogs today! Want to take a peek? Comment PEEK below and I’ll send you a direct link! 

1:1 Response: YAY! Thanks so much for taking a PEEK! Here’s a link to the catalog! (Link) My newest favorites are (this, this and that). Would you like a personal recommendation?


What to Post:

Use a text post with a colored background.

“Want to guess how many ingredients women put on their skin each day? (Hint: It’s a lot!)”

1:1 Response: Were you surprised that there are 168 ingredients each day? Blah! I’m working on swapping out some of my skincare routine. Can I send you a few recommendations from my new catalog?


What to Post:

Let’s play a game. How many words can you make out of the word Magnesium? Maybe I have a free sample coming to the winner! Ready? Go! 

1:1 Response: YAY! Thanks for playing along with my Magnesium game! Ha! 🙂 Free sample coming your way! What is your address? I’ll drop it in the mail to you! The only catch is you have to tell me how much you love it when you get it! 😉


What to Post:

Hi tired friends! Let’s talk about sleep. We know it’s important. We don’t get enough of it. Am I right? I have discovered a few solutions that you’re going to go wild over. And, by wild – I mean, it’s going to help you sleep so much better at night! Want the scoop to snooze better? Drop me a sleepy emoji or GIF below! 

1:1 Response: Hey (friend)! Okay, truth talk – how many hours did you sleep last night?


What to Post:

I love giving personal recommendations – from solutions for you, guys, kids, pets, you name it! I have a product recommendation. Lately I’ve been sharing a lot of skincare solutions (anyone else lost when it comes to serums and foundations and moisturizers and what order things go on??). 

What do you want to hear more about: 

• Sleep Solutions 

• Energy Solutions 

• Headache Solutions 

• Skincare Solutions 

• Safe Natural Home Solutions 

• Solutions for Men 

• Solutions for Babies + Kids

• Solutions for Pets 

1:1 Response: Thanks for your interest in solutions for (what). Let’s see what we can do for you! My favorite Jordan Essentials products for that are (what). These are great because (why). Can I send you a link to take a look?

DAY 10

What to Post:

There’s a reason why Jordan Essentials has sold 5 million Lotion Bars!! (For real!) In the spirit of 5, here’s 3 of the reasons I love it! Want to guess the other 45? Maybe I’ll have a prize for you! 😉 • Softens elbows and heels • Seals in moisture • Deep cuticle treatment Ready? Go! 

1:1 Response: 50 Ways to Love Your Lotion Bar coming right up!! They’re incredible! Have you tried these?

DAY 11

What to Post:

Did you know you can earn free and discounted goodies from Jordan Essentials? Yep! Simply invite your pals to check it out and I’ll do the rest. Best of all, there’s options – we can hook you up with freebies just with a simple post here on social media or we can make a night of it and get together in-person. Comment FREEBIES and I’ll message you to pencil in a date that works best for you! 

1:1 Response: Yassss! Let’s spoil you with free and discounted goodies! I have (date) and (date) open! What’s best for you?

DAY 12

What to Post:

SO many choices in our Jordan Essentials catalog, it is impossible for me to choose what inventory to grab for my next in-person event! I need your input! Take a peek at this photo. What do you think will be my best sellers? 

1:1 Response: Love your input for my next event! I’m going to add (what) to my order. When I do, do you want to snag you one, too?

DAY 13

What to Post:

Create a poll! As the seasons change, I want to continue serving you in an even bigger way. What best describes you? A: I love hearing wellness tips and solutions to keep my family healthy. Keep it up! B: I want #allthethings so I love hearing about deals, promotions and special offers! C: I’m excited to learn more about how I can get Jordan Essentials free! Tell me more! 

1:1 Response: Thanks for your poll response. Truly, I love serving you! You replied (what) and I absolutely love that! Here’s what to expect next: (what)

DAY 14

What to Post:

Jordan Essentials is GROWING like crazy! We’re currently looking for new consultants in (locations) to offer wellness solutions in their own community. I’m loving these household products, the community – and, the paycheck! If you’re looking for a little “extra” income for your family this season, I’d love to share more about the biz side of things with you! Drop me a ❤️ below if you’d like a little more info! 

1:1 Response: I love that you’re interested in serving your area, Jordan Essentials is such a ground-level opportunity. And, I think you’d be great. Can I send you a quick video to learn more? 15-Day Social Selling Challenge

DAY 15

What to Post:

Create a text post with a colored background. Raise your hand if you have dry, itchy skin! 

1:1 Response: You and me both, friend! That dry itchy skin is the worst. Listen, I’ve found a solution I’m loving and I think you might, too! Have you heard of Jordan Essentials?