Be a product of your product! Sharing Jordan Essentials is as easy as using the products every day. Others will naturally comment on your healthy skin, stunning makeup, and glowing complexion. These conversations will be the start of your business!

In-person parties are a gathering of guests who experience the products first hand. Your kit contains the products and supplies you need to host your first spa bars. Guests will love being able to touch, feel, and smell the products as you talk about them. They will also enjoy relaxing pampering with hand or foot treatments.

Online parties (virtual parties) are a great way to share the products using social media such as Facebook, Zoom, Google Rooms, Messenger, Instagram, and more. Online parties offer guests the opportunity to learn more about the products through postings, videos, and live interaction. Our Social Selling Kit has been designed especially for sharing online with easy-to-demonstrate products that have a WOW factor for those watching. 

Social media allows us to share our products without parties as well. Sharing videos, images, and posts promoting products can be done on social media such as Facebook and Instagram. We have a library of images for you to share right away. Simply post and direct viewers to your website and they can order conveniently 24/7 from the comfort of their home! You earn full retail profit on these sales as well.

Getting to meet new people and share JE products can be done at vendor events too. Vendor events will open your circle of contacts to people who you do not know and who need the products. These events are not only a way to sell products. Consultants also make connections with future hosts and potential team members too!

Whichever way you choose to share Jordan Essentials’ products, keep it simple and have fun!