Why have a Launch Party/Event? New Jordies who hold a Launch Party/Event within their first 20 days are THREE TIMES more successful, plus they’ll earn extra goodies when they submit $200 within this time and more bonuses as you move forward into 40 days and then 100 days!

Your ultimate goal is to pick two party dates right away (Open That Box and Launch) and continue to add more as you go.

What’s Your Style?

Share your samples.

Samples are a great way to introduce friends and family to Jordan Essentials. Experiencing the products will make them your first customers and hosts!

Share the samples from your kit with out-of-town friends, family, and those unable to attend your business debut get-together if doing an in-person event. If doing an online event, find out who wants to try the products and share away!

Watch this quick video for tips on mailing out your own samples:

Review the Current Month’s Specials and Incentives.

Launch your new business and have fun! Review the Current Month’s Specials and Incentives. These are ideal talking points (or posts) with your guests. These can be found under Current Specials and Incentives here in JEU.

Jordan Essentials offers a Customer Special each month. It is one way to promote $50 customer orders. These orders will add up quickly!

There is also a Host Gift. This is FREE with a $500 party or discounted for qualified parties under $500.

Parties are also the best place to find new team members! Be sure to review the Join Special too!

Use the 3-2-1 Success Formula at your party to build your business forward.

3—Be sure to have 3 guest orders!

2—Shoot for 2+ bookings!

1—Look for that 1 person who wants more info about becoming a Jordie!

You are half way there! Keep moving on to Step 4.