We call this your “Pit Stop Party!”

Before your kit arrives you can set up your social media accounts to start sharing Jordan Essentials. You’ll want to spread the word right away about your fun, new side gig and first parties/events

Know your Jump Start dates! Grab the Jump Start program flier below and make a plan with your sponsor to get the 30-day tumbler!
Join the JE Consultant Community Facebook group.
Set up your consultant office. Use your ID and password from your welcome email and log into your back office dashboard at www.jordanessentials.com
Ready to earn 25-35% on everything you sell? Set up your banking info.
Make sure you’re taking advantage of your FREE three month website and back office.

Your FIRST Virtual Jordan Party

Share your excitement about joining Jordan Essentials and invite friends to join the journey too. Holding your first Virtual Jordan Party is key to launching your business successfully. At this Virtual Party you focus on announcing your business and getting future party bookings to build your business. You will play the role of the Jordie and host in this case. Your most important goal is to get bookings to keep your new business going as well as earn all the bonuses in your Jump Start Program!

CLICK HERE to access the Virtual Party Simple Steps to Success Guide.

From the Virtual Party Simple Steps to Success Guide you will find links to Host Coaching and a Jordie Day By Day Guide to posts for your Virtual Party. Both of these have simple scripts that can simply be copied and pasted with coordinating images.

When your party is over convert it to your VIP group and then set up new Virtual Party groups for each new host and enjoy a thriving JE business.

Click HERE to Download a PDF