Let’s show our appreciation!

TLC is for nurses and caregivers – a special aromatherapy essential oil blend for those long hours of caring for others. Enjoy the comfort of Frankincense, mind-clearing Clary Sage, the energy of Peppermint, and the calm, soothing fragrance of Lavender and Orange.
Available April 6-June 30, 2024

Study Buddy is designed for teachers and students alike. Show your favorite teacher, student, or school-age kiddo trying to do their best appreciation and support. Imagine a whole school filled with the smell of success! Calming Frankincense, clarity of Clary Sage, and the pep of Peppermint to get the job done!
Available April 6-June 30, 2024

Mother’s Day Pedi Set
Treat Mom and those special women in your life to a rejuvenating Mother’s Day gift set designed to pamper her tired feet. Envelop her in a blissful sense of relaxation and comfort.
Available April 6-May 12, 2024