How To Build Your Jordan Essentials Business Using Samples

Samples and allowing guests to sample your products is a key way to build loyal long-term customers. 

JE supports those effects in several ways:

  1. Back office single samples.   You can purchase samples from our back-office business center.  You can use these to have on hand, pass out to potential customers, or mail to a customer yourself. 
  2. Back office Sample Sets. JE sends samples for you.  There are two very affordable options in your back office.  We can send a sample to a customer for you.  These are preset sample collections.  Simply order and choose where you want us to send it.    The JE sample sets have a colorful highlight mailer of products and either body care, wellness, or face care products.  
  3. You can make samples.  You can purchase full-size products and make your own samples.  JE is not responsible for those products and all liability and materials are the responsibility of the Jordie.
  4. Full-size products.  This is the traditional way to share and sample your products.  At a Spa Bar in a home, on the go, or vendor event you can simply give someone a pump, scoop, or dollop of your products right into their hands to try! 

Key tip:
When you give a sample be sure you get a name and number to follow up with.  Handing out samples and telling them they can contact you is not a healthy option for your investment.  You simply ask if they would like a sample and how you can follow up with them after they receive it.  

Always get a good phone number – even have them text you right on the spot –  and ask if they can connect with you on FB.  Have a “policy” – No name or number, no samples! 

A sample should always result in a sale.  That is the goal!  

Happy Sampling !!!