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Use this as a basic outline for your party. You can mix and match images and posts from past parties too.

Template Tip: Do not copy and paste comments in red that you see at the top of each post. Just copy the text under each post title. Paste it into Facebook and then publish or schedule to your group. Be sure to personalize the post with specific info for your party and to meet your personality.

Be sure to add the current special and incentives found in JEU under Current Specials and Incentives:

Best Practice: Go Live to launch and close your party. Engagement with your guests is key. Host coach and have your host post a couple of posts as well. 😊 Additional engagement posts can be found in the JEU >> Media Center if desired.

It is important to include your own experiences and testimonials with the products. Additional images are located in JEU in the Media Gallery. These can be added to your party to make it longer if desired.

Posts can be posted 3-4 over the course of three days or posted 3-5 minutes apart during a 45-minute party. You can kick off a party with a LIVE in Facebook and then end with a live as well. We have included additional images you can use as a count-down to the start of your party.

Insert emojis to make the posts festive and fun. Posts can also be used as stand-alone posts on your business page, Instagram and personal profile.

These posts can also be used stand-alone in your VIP group or being used as guidelines for going live in your business page or personal profile.

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Pre-Party Posts

Pre-Party Post 1 (Mark as Announcement). This can be divided into two or three posts if you choose.

Welcome to our Pit-y Party!

Your host, XXXX, and I are looking forward to having a fun time together online as we share products that support healthy pits…without smelly odor…and without harmful chemicals like aluminum, parabens and other toxins.

Here’s how it works:

Check out the posts below to learn more about Jordan Essentials and join us here in this group on XXXX (date) at XXXX (time). You’ll receive chances to win fun prizes for commenting below to RSVP, for joining us on time, for participating in the event, and more!!

If you’d like to check out what Jordan Essentials has to offer, check out our online catalog at

Insert Your Catalog Link Here

You can place an order on XXXX’s party anytime before XXXX by going to: (insert party link).

As your JE consultant I’m available to answer any questions so reach out to me anytime in a personal message or call/text me at ______ (insert phone number)

Have someone who would like to join us? Share the link to this group and they can request to join!

I look forward to seeing everyone on ________ at _____!! Comment below if you will be joining us for a chance to win our prize drawing!!

               Catalog Preview shows link when posted.

Today’s the Day!!!

Join us TONIGHT at XXXX right here in this group for fun, connecting with friends, fabulous spa products, and some free giveaways!

Set an alarm on your phone, because everyone who responds during the live event gets extra chances to win!

Won’t be able to join the LIVE event or wondering how to order? Place your order anytime at ________ or contact me via messenger or phone to place your order or ask questions anytime!

Feeding America – Making a Difference One Meal at a Time

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Jordan Essentials has been supporting Feeding America on behalf of our Consultants and our customers just like you. 

We are humbled by the difference we can make together.

               Insert current Feeding America Total and/or Feeding American Promotion

Today’s the Day!!!

Join us TONIGHT at XXXX right here in this group for fun, connecting with friends, fabulous spa products, and some free giveaways!

Set an alarm on your phone, because everyone who responds during the live event gets extra chances to win!

Won’t be able to join the LIVE event or wondering how to order? Place your order anytime at ________ or contact me via messenger or phone to place your order or ask questions anytime!

Why is what’s in our products so important?

For two key reasons:

1. Our skin is our largest organ and what touches our skin affects all of our organs.

2. It takes just 26 seconds for what touches our skin to be absorbed into our bloodstream. The harmful effects of many chemicals used in skincare products are scary! And many include ingredients that prematurely age us or dry out our skin.

Jordan Essentials’ products use healthy, nontoxic ingredients combined to provide safe, healthy alternatives to their chemically-laden counterparts.


Say YES – To healthy products with healthy ingredients!

At Jordan Essentials our belief is that everyone deserves healthy skin—and joyful, healthy lives.

When you say YES to Jordan Essentials products, you are saying YES to ingredients like magnesium, essential oils like lavender, purifiers like charcoal and rich moisturizers like shea butter.

And just as importantly, you will be saying NO to aluminum, parabens, mineral oil, SLS/SLES, gluten and phthalates that are found in many, if not most, bath, body and skincare products today.

If you want to read more, check out the Product Promise page on my website:



Ready to Win?

If you are ready for some fun and some pampering tips, be sure to join our live event.

We will be giving out virtual tickets for great prizes – the more tickets you earn, the more chances you have to win!

Not only do we provide natural and nontoxic solutions, but our products are also fun, pampering, and life-changing! Everyone needs and deserves pampering in their life. Right?

 Who’s ready to win?

 Day of Party – Post 1: Welcome

Welcome everyone! Both XXXX and I are so happy you could join us. We both love Jordan Essentials and are excited to share our favorite products with you. For inviting each of you and hosting our event, XXXX is receiving amazing perks from Jordan Essentials. Now tonight, when your wish list is bigger than your wallet, let me know and we can work together to make those wishes reality with free credits when you host too!

As we chat, feel free to comment, like and LOVE the posts. The more you do, the more chances you have to earn tickets. I’ll respond as quickly as I can to questions and if you have questions after, feel free to reach out directly on Messenger. Remember, refresh often, sit back and have fun!


No party is complete without prizes! If you win, I want to be sure I can connect with you. So, for your first 5 points, message me “Hello” at and then comment DONE below.

This takes them right to messenger without being friends! 

You can find your profile name in the address bar when you are on your Facebook page.

You can post this as a pre-post also. 😊

               Use this tip and link anytime you want to get guests engaged with contacting you directly.

Roll Call – Who’s Here With Us!

Let’s start with an easy question and see who is here. Comment below letting us know where you are viewing from….

Comment with a gif for fun!

Ordering is Easy

There are two ways to order. Go to (enter party link) to shop OR contact me with your order or questions and I’ll place the order for you.

Remember, by commenting INTERESTED on any post, you’ll create a wish list for easy checkout at the end of our event! If you’ve read this post and are ready to get started, comment READY below!

Why a Pit-y Party?

I want to help you change the way you think about your pits! Yes…your underarms. They can be the pits!

Sweating is ok…it is great! A normal, healthy body process.

Stinking…not so much ok! It is caused by the bacteria under our arms. Sweating we want….stinking we don’t.

We want sweating to be healthy, natural. We don’t want to be using harmful – TOXIC –  chemicals to block it or stop it.   

Aluminum –   Just Say NO!

   This controversial ingredient was linked in a 2005 study to be related to an increase in breast cancer cells because it blocks the ability to sweat, which is why is it used in commercial deodorants.

 Our bodies were made to sweat we just do not have to stink!

The evidence is still coming in on the dangers of aluminum in health products. This includes a  50 year debate that prolonged use of aluminum can cause Alzheimer’s or lead to earlier onset of this disease.

At   Jordan Essentials we have solutions, so you do not need to tempt fate or use ingredients that are questionable.    

Parabens – Another No No Ingredient!

Cosmetic companies, including antiperspirants, add parabens to their products to preserve them from bacteria, yeast, and mold.

Scientific studies have linked use of parabens, that are absorbed into the body from daily use to the disruption of hormone balances, affect fertility and reproductive organs and increase the risk of cancers, including breast cancer.

Studies at the University of California-Berkley have linked parabens to the increase the growth of breast cancer cells.      

The Body Retains These Harmful Chemicals

The harmful chemicals, like aluminum and parabens, not only go on our body…they go in our bodies too!

As our children, especially females start using antiperspirants and other products at younger and younger ages, this will become a growing health concern.

Using healthy products from the start is key!      

We Have Options!

Healthy choices are available. Jordan Essentials offers deodorants, sprays and products that are made with healthy, nontoxic ingredients that let you sweat naturally without the smell!

We have a Spritz Your Pits routine!          

 It’s Detox Time! A Pit-y Party….1, 2. 3

The first step to healthy pits is detox. We need to remove the harmful chemicals that are stored in our bodies, specifically the pits area.

JE features Charcoal Soap with Tea Tree and a Purifying Charcoal Mask.  

Why Charcoal?

Activated  Charcoal is created by super-heating carbon-rich materials such as wood,   peat, or coconut shells.

 JE uses coconut charcoal. 🥥Not to be confused with charcoal used for grilling, Activated Charcoal is super-absorbent, detoxifying,  purifying, and offers many benefits to the body and skin.🍃

 Jordan   Essentials uses Activated Charcoal in many of our products, including   Activated Charcoal Glycerin Soap, Charcoal Deodorant, and Purifying Charcoal   Mask.

Pit Spray!

The Spritz Your Pits Resistance spray is a powerful combination of 5 essential oils that ward off odors all day long.

It is an ancient blend used for centuries; Clove, Cinnamon,  Lemon, Rosemary and Eucalyptus.

Spritz Your Pits helps prevent the bacteria growth in our pits which causes the odor. We want to sweat…but not stink!  It can be used alone or in combination with one of our deodorants.

Glides on Smooth!

After allowing the Spritz Spray to dry, apply deodorant.

Jordan Essentials deodorant glides on smooth and clear! It is not wet, sticky or grainy.

Using plant-based science, it is the healthy alternative to chemicals! Chamomile and aloe, key ingredients, soothe delicate underarm skin too. So, YES you can apply after shaving!

How to Get Started

We suggest a 2-week transition time to detox the harmful toxins and let your body find its new normal.      

Continue with Healthy Habits

After the initial “detox”, you can continue with healthy skincare habits and a routine that lends to a healthy lifestyle!         

Customer special

Use the customer special for the month you have the party and be mindful of parties closing over a month end. Use marketing words, image from JEU and personal stories  

Ready for your Own Pit-y Party?

Let me know if you would love to host a Pit-y Party with your friends and family! Quick, easy and free stuff too!

Insert this month’s host special from JEU Current Specials & Incentive files


We have so many products I didn’t get to share with all of you today, but great news! I have a VIP Facebook Group where I share valuable tips and information that focuses on Healthy Skin and a Healthy Life. Members also get access to promotions and notifications of special events! Go to _____________________(Insert VIP Group Link) and request to join for one final chance to win tonight’s drawing!

Wrap Up

I’m getting ready to gather all of the entries for our prize drawing! Want to make sure you didn’t miss a video or post? Click on PHOTOS or VIDEOS in this group to quickly jump to what you’re looking for!

Just a few reminders while I’m figuring out who our winner is tonight. If you would like to place your order directly, here is the party link: INSERT LINK

If you would like me to contact you for your order, comment below and I will connect with you shortly.

We will be closing our party on…. (INSERT DATE AND TIME)

Thank YOU!

A big thank you to our host, ________, for getting everyone together for our fun online Spa Bar! You were an awesome host! And to every guest who participated, it was a pleasure having you.  I hope you will join our mission of sharing Healthy Skin – Health Life.

Remember, you will want to place your order at _______ (insert party link) by ________ (close date) OR message me and I will review your wish list with you, answer your questions and get your order placed for you!            

(The Next Morning)

Party Poll

Thank you all so much for attending live or viewing our online party! I had a great time sharing Jordan Essentials with all of you. Please take a minute to comment below with the letter that most describes you!

I look forward to continuing to serve you. Keep my contact information in your phone and stay connected with me in my VIP group at __________________.

Enjoy your new products and thanks again to _______, our awesome host!!