Q: Why is Jordan Essentials partnering with pawTree?
A: Jordan Essentials loves partnering with other companies with similar visions to help pets and their people thrive. Our successful collaborations in the past have been wins for everyone!

We think it is great when companies work together to provide synergy in surprising new ways. We love thinking outside of the box so we can help more pets and people.

Q: Are the Pet Calm bundles commissionable?
A: Yes! The Pet Calm bundles are fully commissionable. When launched to customers they will also be available on parties too!

Q: When will these be available for Customers?
A: The Pet Calm Bundles and Pet Calm Essential Oil Dropper will be available on June 1st to customers. They will be available on Party Orders and count towards Host Credits. They will not be eligible to purchase with Host Rewards or as Half Price Items.

Q: How long will they be available?
A: These will be available through the month of June. 

Q: Is this essential oil blend safe for my pet?
A: Yes, the particular blend of oils is safe for your pet. However, always allow your pet access to leave the room where it is being diffused. You should not put this essential oil directly on cats.

Q: How do I use the Jordan Essentials Pet Calm essential oil blend?
A: Add recommended water to a room diffuser and 5-6 drops of Pet Calm essential oil blend per 100 mL of water. Best used in 30-60 minute intervals and in an area where pets can leave if they choose to.

For Topical Use: Place 1 Tbsp of Coconut Oil and 2 drops of Pet Calm in your palm and mix well. Gently massage this soothing blend into your dog’s coat to help relieve stress. Both you and your pooch will appreciate the calming aromatherapy benefits. Suitable for direct application on dogs only.

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