October 1-31st $5 Join Special

New Jordie will receive a link in their Welcome Email and we will send a Peppermint Magnesium Lotion to 5 of their friends and family. ($50 Join Kit gets this bonus too!)

$5 New Jordie can upgrade to the $50 Kit* during Their Jump One (first 40 days). Special Promo Code is included in their Welcome Email. (To redeem – go to New Order >> Add item to cart >> Check out and add the promo code)

New $5 Jordie must have $200 PV by the end of Jump Start (100 days)

New $5 Jordie can be a past Consultant who has been non-active (no orders) for the past 6 months

New $5 Jordie is eligible for Jump Start rewards, trip points for both Jordie and Sponsor

(*Join Date remains the initial join date when purchasing the upgrade $50 Kit.)

$50 Join Kit is still available. Minor updates to the Enrollment Kit on October 1st.) See Kit Contents for details.