New Product Posts – Spring 2022

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Bring some JOY into Your Spring!

The new spring fragrance, Joy, is an uplifting blend of non-toxic fragrance oils and essential oils. It is a light, citrus-based aroma that will lift spirits and brighten the day. Layer it on and enjoy it all day long.

Lemon essential oil is often called Liquid Sunshine for its crisp, clean, and bright aroma. Orange essential oil is uplifting and refreshing. Fragrance oils of Pink Grapefruit and Bergamot round out the citrusy blend.

Frankincense & Orange Dead Sea Salt Soak

Our holiday favorite is back! Frankincense and Orange Dead Sea Salt soaks are amazing. Dead Sea Salts boosted with Magnesium soothe sore, tired, achy muscles. The combination of Frankincense and Orange essential oils soothe and uplift the mind and spirit. This is the perfect soak after a hard day at work or home with kids!

Toner Mist with Sheet Mask Sets – Suggest you do this one live! Super fun.

Toner Mist is like vitamins for your face. It is hydrating and moisturizing year-round.  This facial mist tones, firms, and tightens the face safely and with healthy, botanical ingredients!  Many customers were adding our essential oils to their toner…so we made it even easier by doing it for them!

We have boosted the toner mist with our 100% pure essential oils. Three choices give you flexibility and let you choose what you need most!

Frankincense & Orange Toner Mist with Masks

Frankincense is the King of Essential Oils. Commonly known for its mental calming, it is excellent for use in skincare by rejuvenating damaged skin, promoting new cell growth and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Orange essential oil refreshes the face and helps promote a healthy, natural glow.

Cucumber Toner Mist

Cool, refreshing cucumber is the must-have after a long day. It refreshes the skin and soothes your soul.

Peace Toner Mist

My favorite! Six pure essential oils are blended to peaceful perfection in this toner mist. Sweet floral notes of Ylang Ylang combine with the woody notes of Patchouli to balance your spirit and calm your mind.  Clary Sage, Sweet Orange, Thyme and Frankincense do wonders to soothe your skin. Sit back and peacefully enjoy this blend while it gives your face a refreshing boost.

Sheet Masks

Yes, these little compressed pills expand to a soothing mask to cover your entire face! Drop one in a glass of cold water for a cryogenic (cold water) experience. Let it expand with the water, take it out, wring out the excess and spritz the mask with a toner mist of your choice. Sit back, place the mask on your face and let your cares and woes get carried away.  After 15 minutes, remove the mask and feel energized and look younger!

Tea Tree Shampoo

Did you know Tea Tree is one of the most widely used and studied essential oils in the world?  Tea Tree is recognized for its anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. Added to our healthy shampoo which is free from parabens and sulfates, Tea Tree shampoo invigorates and refreshes the scalp. It leaves the scalp and hair fresh and clean. It is excellent for oily scalps and for teens.

And…for those that suffer back-acne (backne), this helps too! Often a trigger for backne is the shampoo and conditioner ingredients.  Tea Tree Shampoo can help prevent those breakouts!

Frankincense Essential Oil Age-Defying Serum

Keeping our skin healthy is one of the main keys to looking younger! Age-Defying Serum contains ingredients proven effective in reducing wrinkles up to 84%. We have boosted that with the natural age-defying benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil.  Frankincense is widely used for its rejuvenation properties and its ability to promote new cell growth.

Age-Defying Serum is a silky smooth serum that you will want to use morning and night because it just feels so good!

Tinted Lip Butter

Our popular shea cherry lip butter just got color! Yes, the same creamy, rich lip balm now comes with a hint of plum color. This is perfect for the times you don’t want to do full-on makeup but need to add a little color to your lips.  Free from mineral oils that clog pores and from ingredients that dry and chap your lips. It goes on silky soft!

Fresh Air Candle

Looking for a safer candle? JE uses non-GMO soy wax and a 100% cotton wick in all of its candles. Our spring fragrance, Fresh Air, is light and fresh…like a spring breeze!

Soy wax burns at a lower temperature and will burn for about 40 hours.  The cotton wick burns cleanly without a sooty mess that candles with lead or metal wicks can cause. 

Pet Soothing Stick

Pets are family too! The new Pet Soothing Stick is made with pet-friendly and pet-safe ingredients. It is in our waterless lotion bar base, so it doesn’t harbor bacteria.  Enriched with Frankincense and Lavender essential oils, it soothes minor scratches and dry skin. The essential oils also calm your pet and can help prevent them from scratching a sore even more.

Men’s Products

Yup, guys like healthy skin too!  The Men’s Line has expanded to cover the needs of the guys (and gals) in our life who love the scent of Bergamot & Sandalwood.  It is a citrusy meets woody fragrance that isn’t perfumy.

For super-dry skin, grab the Shea Body Butter. For deep cleansing even the grimiest body, the Men’s Body Scrub, cleanses and removes dry skin cells promoting new cell growth.

Check out the entire men’s line for a clean, healthy body from head to toe!

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