Your host is ready to go, and together, you’ll make this party unforgettable! Start messaging your host on Messenger right after they agree to host a Jordan Virtual Party.  Ideally, kick off the conversation a week before the party with your host. Set up the Facebook party group and coach your Host to invite guests and encourage engagement.  It is that easy.

You will prompt the Host to post each day with simple posts you give them in Messenger.

The text in blue is your daily messages to your host. The text in red is your host’s daily posts.

Over a Phone Host Coach Call:

  1. Set goals with your host, ideally through a phone call.
  2. Affirm their decision and thank them for hosting.
  3. Explain host rewards for free and discounted products.
  4. Emphasize their job is to invite and follow your daily posts and enjoy the rewards.
  5. Set goal for 50+ attendees and get their wish list.
  6. Discuss favorite products and their experiences.
  7. Confirm start and end dates, reiterate excitement, and thank them again.

In Facebook Messenger to Your Host:

  1. Share the digital host pack and check it out.
  2. Provide the party link for invitations.
  3. Encourage a goal of 50-80 invitations.
  4. Have the host create a wish list if they have not already done so.
  5. Ask for a personal photo for an intro post.

Express gratitude, share excitement, and introduce what the party will offer.
Gauge the host’s readiness and offer an opportunity to upgrade to a consultant kit.

Show Host how to create her password and log into her customer/host page to watch her party orders pour in!

  1. Remind about the Facebook group and adding friends.
  2. Direct the host to invite friends and elevate their role in the group via private message on Facebook Messenger.
  3. Stress the importance of copying and pasting invitations due to notification issues.

Guide the host in checking invited members, sending personal invites, and posting invitations on their personal wall.

Thank guests, share excitement about the party, and encourage the host’s involvement. Provide a daily post for the host to share.

Party Post

Prompt the host to express personal reasons for hosting and engage guests with a four-square graphic.

Acknowledge the host’s flexibility and offer insights into becoming a consultant. Provide the host’s bonus for the month.

Thank everyone and initiate a reminder the party is wrapping up. 

Express gratitude, share final tips, and provide a post for the host to wrap up the party.

Thank the host for their dedication, highlight their benefits, and encourage booking two more parties.  Encourage the host to place an order using their earned rewards and celebrate their success.