🐾 Give a Gift the Makes a Difference🎁

We’re thrilled to introduce a new collaboration with Trades of Hope and Jordan Essentials that’s  all about giving back, spreading love, and supporting meaningful causes.  

Trades of Hope Hand-Woven Puppies are handcrafted by women artisans in Mexico and provide safe jobs with fair wages to support families looking for financial stability and lasting hope.  These adorable puppies are not just cute; they’re eco-friendly, created from upcycled materials.

Jordan Essentials Monster Lavender Essential Oil Spray and Pure Lavender Essential Oil Dropper are paired with Pedro and Coco to create a soothing, relaxing diffusor in any space in your home.  Spray or drop directly on the fabric for a lasting fragrance.

Jordan Essentials is proud to donate a portion of each set sold to K9s for warriors, an organization that pairs shelter dogs with veterans who are in need of K9 support. 

This gift set is not just a present; it’s a piece of hope. Join us in making this holiday season a time for joyful giving and support for those who need it most. 🌟🐾 #GiftsWithPurpose #SpreadLove #SupportArtisans