Love Your Skin with the February Joyful Jordan Box

Love your skin and have fresh, supple lips with the February Joyful Jordan Box. ūü•į During the colder months, our faces are exposed to drier air, pulling the moisture out leaving our skin looking dull and leaving our lips chapped and peeling.

Grab this month’s Joyful Jordan box to refresh and renew winter skin and lips.

‚ú®Spritz -n- Bliss Toner Mist is like a vitamin spray for your skin! Nourish and refresh dry skin with a quick spritz or two. Powerful antioxidants scavenge up the free radicals that leave skin dull and dry. Spritz as part of your morning routine and spritz as needed throughout the day.

‚ú®Sheatastic Deep Daily Moisturizer is fantastic! Shea Butter is a rich, moisturizing base that penetrates the skin to replenish and protect. Packed with vitamins to help nourish and plump to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Sheatastic is fantastic as a morning or night cream.

‚ú®Kiss Gunk Goodbye Lip Exfoliate is a must-have for winter lips. Dry, peeling skin isn’t kissable. ūüíčThis gentle, healthy lip exfoliate safely removes dead skin from the lips revealing soft, kissable lips! The non-drying formula is safe to use as often as needed.

Follow up with Shealicious Lip Balm to seal in natural moisture, keeping lips supple and fresh. Apply as often as needed and enjoy the yummy scent and flavor too!

Sales Tip: This is a great box for customer service!

‚ú®Reach out to past customers who purchased the Sheatastic or Spritz – n- Blitz in the past. They will love to stock up for the winter months!

‚ú®This is a great intro box to basic facecare. These simple, yet key products, can easily be added into an existing morning facecare routine. Who do you know who is ready to level up?

‚ú®Lip care for the win! This is a quick product to demo live on Social Media. Winter months are harsh on lips and this is a fun duo for teens too. Make it a mom and daughter box to share!