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Pre-Party Posts 
Pre-Party Post 1 (Mark as Announcement):

Welcome to our Online Self Care Through the Holidays with Jordan Essentials party! 

Your host, XXXX, and I are looking forward to having a fun time together online as we share products that support your self-care with the gift of healthy skin and a healthy life this holiday season!

Here’s how it works:

Check out the posts below to learn more about Jordan Essentials and join us here in this group on XXXX (date) at XXXX (time). You’ll receive chances to win fun prizes for commenting below to RSVP, for joining us on time, for participating in the event, and more!!

If you’d like to check out what Jordan Essentials has to offer, check out our online catalog at

You can place an order on XXXX’s party anytime before XXXX by going to: (insert party link).

As your JE consultant I’m available to answer any questions so reach out to me anytime in a personal message or call/text me at ______ (insert phone number)

Have someone who would like to join us? Share the link to this group and they can request to join!

I look forward to seeing everyone on ________ at _____!! Comment below if you will be joining us for a chance to win our prize drawing!!

Pre-Party Post 1A – Mark as announcement

Our special Holiday Mini Catalog is also available through the Holiday Season. These items can also be added to the party!


Pre Post 

Say YES – Start healthy self-care starts with products that are healthy for you!

At Jordan Essentials our belief is that everyone deserves healthy skin—and joyful, healthy lives. When you say YES to Jordan Essentials products, you are saying YES to ingredients like magnesium, essential oils like lavender, purifiers like charcoal and rich moisturizers like shea butter. And just as importantly, you will be saying NO to aluminum, parabens, mineral oil, SLS/SLES, gluten and phthalates that are found in many, if not most, bath, body and skincare products today. 

Pre-Party Post

Why is what’s in our products so important? 

For two key reasons:

  1. Our skin is our largest organ and what touches our skin affects all of our organs.
  2. It takes just 26 seconds for what touches our skin to be absorbed into our bloodstream. The harmful effects of many chemicals used in skincare products are scary! And many include ingredients that prematurely age us or dry out our skin.

Jordan Essentials’ products use healthy, nontoxic ingredients combined to provide safe, healthy alternatives to their chemically-laden counterparts. 


Pre-Party Post 4 (Day Before the Event): 

Ready to Win?

If you are ready for some fun and some pampering tips, be sure to join our live event tomorrow at XXXX.  We will be giving out virtual tickets for great prizes – the more tickets you earn, the more chances you have to win! 

Not only do we provide natural and nontoxic solutions, but our products are also fun, pampering, and life-changing! Everyone needs and deserves pampering in their life. Right?

 Who’s ready to win?


Pre-Party Post 5 (Morning of the Event): 

Today’s the Day!!! Join us TONIGHT at XXXX right here in this group for fun, connecting with friends, fabulous spa products, and some free giveaways!

Set an alarm on your phone, because everyone who responds during the live event gets extra chances to win!

Won’t be able to join the LIVE event or wondering how to order? Place your order anytime at ________ or contact me via messenger or phone to place your order or ask questions anytime! 


30 Minutes Before:

Set A Reminder – We are Starting Soon!

The party starts in about 30 minutes! It is come-as-you-are so get comfy, grab a drink, get a pen and paper, and let’s get ready to party Facebook Style with Jordan Essentials! I am excited to share with Host’s friends who will be joining us tonight! 

Comment below with an emoji or GIF that shows how excited you are for us to get started!


15 Minutes Before

I am so excited to be sharing Jordan Essentials with all of you! I am setting the holiday mood for myself with our Holiday Blender Buddies!

For the burst of energy and excitement, I am using the Peppermint Lemon! It is fresh, clean and purifying to the air. 

Later tonight when I am ready to wind down, I’ll add a little Orange Lavender to unscented shea butter for a relaxing foot massage! It is also a great combo to diffuse for the kiddos!

Essential Oils are a safe alternative to open flame candles and chemical sprays. We are offering a fabulous collection of essential oils this holiday season! Perfect for mixing and matching with our unscented products too!


5 Minutes Before

Time sure flies by! We will be starting in just a few minutes. During our party tonight, which will last about 45 minutes, be sure to refresh your screen often so you don’t miss anything such as chances to win our product drawing!

Tonight you’ll earn a ticket into the product prize drawing for every Like/Love, comment or question on the posts in our event!

Hint – Go live to kick off your party!


Post 1: Welcome

Welcome everyone! Both XXXX and I are so happy you could join us. We both love Jordan Essentials and are excited to share our favorite products with you. For inviting each of you and hosting our event, XXXX is receiving amazing perks from Jordan Essentials. Now tonight, when your wish list is bigger than your wallet, let me know and we can work together to make those wishes reality with free credits when you host too!

As we chat, feel free to comment, like and LOVE the posts. The more you do, the more chances you have to earn tickets. I’ll respond as quickly as I can to questions and if you have questions after, feel free to reach out directly on Messenger. Remember, refresh often, sit back and have fun!



No party is complete without prizes! If you win, I want to be sure I can connect with you. So, for your first 5 points, message me “Hello” at and then comment DONE below.

This takes them right to messenger without being friends! 

You can find your profile name in the address bar when you are on your Facebook page.

Use this tip and link anytime you want to get guests engaged with contacting you directly.

Roll Call

Let’s start with an easy question and see who is here. Comment below letting us know where you are viewing from? 

And…What is your favorite holiday song?

Option – Ask them to post it with a gif!


My Story POLL

That is so fun to see where everyone is watching from. I’m _________ and I am in ________. 

(Insert a sentence or two about your JE story.)

That’s my story, but I’d love to know more about YOUR story so I can best serve you tonight! Select any of these poll options that best describes you.


The JE Story

For those who have never heard of Jordan Essentials, it was started by Nancy Bogart in 2000. We are proud to be a woman-owned and “Made in America” company.  All of our products are made with nontoxic ingredients and the healthiest ones available. We will feature a few of those products during this party.

If you HAVE heard of Jordan Essentials, go ahead and comment below with the products you have and love!


Creating a Wish List

We will not be lengthy tonight, but we will be covering a number of products and one of the easiest ways to remember what you’re interested in along the way is to create a wishlist! 

You can jot down this list OR as we post and chat this evening, comment INTERESTED on products or bundles that you want to order or know more about.

There are two ways to order. Go to (enter party link) to shop OR contact me with your order or questions and I’ll place the order for you. 

Remember, by commenting INTERESTED on any post, you’ll create a wish list for easy checkout at the end of our event! If you’ve read this post and are ready to get started, comment READY below!


Our Party Focus is Self-Care and the Holidays!

Healthy skin and a healthy life start with hydration! Hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate. 

Drinking plenty of water throughout the day keeps your body – and your skin – at its healthiest!


Sealing in the Moisture 

Let’s seal in the moisture from head to toe!  

Healthy Hair Care can be hard to find. Our hair care line is low foaming, effective and packed with conditioning nutrients!!

We feature an Everyday Shampoo – safe for all members of the family and gentle enough for every day….and a Moisturizing Shampoo with Rosemary Complex. This is ideal for super dry and color-treated hair.

Both shampoos are soothing and lightly scented in Oatmeal Milk and Honey. 

Which do you choose?


Be Fresh Faced for Winter Skin!

Dry winter air is harsh on all skin types and ages! All skin types can use a boost against the appearance of aging! 

Essential Serum Booster with hyaluronic acid hydrates, soothes, and plumps skin as it reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Organic Gotu Kola and Organic Dandelion firm and protect the skin giving it a healthy, smooth look.

This light, delicate serum won’t clog pores. It absorbs quickly and activates collagen production creating a more youthful appearance. 

Use alone or with one of our serums, your face will thank you!


Speaking of Serums

Serums provide the much-needed moisture and nutrients to keep your face looking and feeling its best. 

Jordan Essentials offers three amazing serums to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.Time Rewind Eye Gel: This serum is made for those thin skin layers around our eyes but can used anywhere! The cooling gel feels great and should be applied with a light touch.

Tone & Firm Serum: This serum is light and smells like grapefruit! It contains peptides that work hard to repair the skin’s structure in just one to two pumps daily.

Age-Defying Serum: This serum works to balance the pH in our skin to keep it bouncy. It is perfect to use before applying makeup and will leave your skin feeling soft and dewy.

This trio of serums is the perfect combo for daily use, and you save when you buy all three!


Masking Is Important Too!

Looking for something to do on a cold winter’s afternoon? Treat yourself to a facial mask!

Masks remove impurities and toxins from the skin. This helps the good stuff soak in and helps skin retain moisture too!

JE offers two choices – 

Purifying Charcoal Mask 

Use the power of charcoal for a deep clean. 


Detoxifying Clay Mask that leaves the surface of your face dewy and hydrated. Your skin looks revitalized. 

Jordan Essentials offers a complete line of face care products. Message me with any specific concern or needs you have!

Include the special “me” link for guests to message you.


Safe, Healthy, Naturally – A beautiful you!

Did you know Jordan Essentials offers a complete line of healthy, mineral based makeup too? 

Healthy makeup featuring natural ingredients is another way to keep looking your best!

Self-care is about feeling good about yourself! We have beautiful tinted moisturizers for that natural look, healthy lip butters for color and a range of eye shadows, blushes and more!

Reach out if you are interested in a personal makup time or would love to have a virtual party! Earn the things you want for FREE!


Night on the Town!

Whether gathering in a small group with family or heading to dinner, applying make-up has never been easier than with our new dual makeup tool!

A lush brush on one end for BB Foundation or Tinted Moisturizer application and a gentle sponge on the other to blend blush or concealer this is the perfect mineral make-up companion. And, guess what…it fits in the stocking too!

The dual brush is featured in our Holiday Catalog and will be gone at the end of December!


Healthy Pits!

Selfcare means choosing healthy products and avoiding the ones based on unhealthy and toxic ingredients.

One of the ways we promote Healthy Skin – Healthy Life is through our Aluminum Free Deodorant. Watch as Jordan Essentials’ founder, Nancy, shares why going aluminum free is one of the most important first steps!

Respecting Personal Choices

We offer our deodorant options in a stick or spray or what we call the one-two punch! 

Choose one of our Aluminum-Free deodorants for odor-free, non-toxic pit care. Or choose our “Spritz Your Pits” Spray. 

This is a powerful combination of 5 essential oils that ward off odors all day long. It can be used alone or in combination with one of our deodorants.

Personally, I use both every day! Simply Spritz Your Pits with the spray, let dry for a few seconds then follow with your choice of aluminum-free deodorants for an odor-free day! 

Comment below to add one of these options to your wish list! 


Essential Oils – Yes we have them!

Our Mini EO Travel Set is the perfect way to enjoy a variety of essential oils. Experience …and experiment…with blending your favorite fragrances in with unscented products or your diffuser.

The most popular essential oils – 100% pure, ethically produced with no chemical fertilizers or pesticides. The kit also comes with our two Blender Buddies! 

Essential oils are a great addition for a self-care kit. They can be used aromatically for relaxation, focus and uplifting your spirits. 

They can also be added to unscented products to relieve minor tension, boost the immune system, ease aches and pains and much, much more!


More Buddies in Bundles!

Blender Buddies can be used to scent our Hand Sanitizer. Purchase as the set or as a duo of buddies!

The JE Hand Sanitizer is 80% alcohol to be effective in sanitizing the skin when soap and water are not handy. 

Personalize the fragrance of your hand sanitizer with pure essential oils. Just 5 drops in 2 oz or 10 drops in 4 oz is all it takes.

Enjoy the remaining Blender Buddy EO in an unscented product or your home diffuser.


Speaking of Bundles

Jordan Essentials has created a variety of bundles to make shopping easy. These are great for gift giving…and giving yourself a little pampering too!

These bundles are specially priced for savings and support soothing, relaxing and healthy at-home spa experiences!

My favorite is the Everyday Collection

Start off with foaming hand soap or shower gel. Next, add a scoop of our salt scrub to exfoliate your skin. Once you’ve rinsed off the salt scrub, dry, then apply the soothing shea butter. To seal the deal, finish with the lotion bar. 

You won’t believe how much softer this makes your hands, legs, feet, and arms!

Your Everyday Collection includes 5 products and is available in your choice of our Signature fragrances. 


What’s Your Fragrance?

Jordan Essentials offers Signature Fragrances plus Unscented in many of our products and collections. 

Along with our most popular Oatmeal Milk & Honey, we offer have two that have been fan favorites since their release. 

Promise is a light citrus flower of sweet clementine and freesia flowers. One of our most popular fragrances.

Hope is our newest fragrance made with essential oils of lemon, lavender and rosemary. It is fresh and rejuvenating! 

Which fragrances are your favorite?


Holiday Fragrance for the Warm Cozy Feeling

For the Holiday Season, we have a special yummy scent – Pomegranate Cider! The fresh scent of pomegranate infused with orange and apple brighten the senses and fill your heart with holiday cheer!

It is featured in special Mini Hand & Body Lotions and in a special lotion bar too!


Four exclusive Mini Hand & Body Lotion tubes!

Choose from seasonal favorite Pomegranate Cider, flagship Oatmeal Milk & Honey, our new Hope essential oil-based fragrance or our Promise fragrance.

With what feels like constant hand washing, our hands can get cracked, red and overly dry.

Our hand lotions are like no others! They are rich, moisturizing, and non-greasy! Made with the highest quality ingredients they are soothing and seal in moisture. Perfect for winter weather!

Can’t choose…that’s ok! For just $3.50 each buy one of each or buy more for gifting. 

These make wonderful stocking stuffers, teacher gifts, secret Santa gifts and a great gift for yourself too! 


Seal the Deal…Lock in Moisture

The Lotion Bar is a solid bar of lotion. It is made with beeswax to seal in the moisture and bonus – it doesn’t harbor bacteria! 

Carry one in your purse, in the car, keep on your desk…enjoy the many fragrances to choose from and mix and match to meet your mood!

We have our fan-favorite must have Lotion Bar in a special holiday tin – perfect for gifting featuring Pomegranate Cider!


50 Ways to Use a Lotion Bar!

Here are 10 of my favorite ways to use the lotion bar. How would you use your lotion bar?


Looking for the Easy Button on gifting?

Maybe self-care is taking the pressure off of gifting this year?

For the hard-to-buy for friends and family or the quick to grab and gift present, we have our Holiday Happy Box!

Three great products in one box – what could be easier? 

The Holiday Happy Box will bring a smile to even the Grinch’s face! The box comes with a Pomegranate Cider Lotion Bar (your choice of tin label), Pomegranate Cider Glycerin Bar soap in convenient travel case and a Soothing Magnesium Stick. 


(Probably want to grab one for yourself too!)

Speaking of Sticks!
What is a stick?

A “stick” is a healthy solid lotion boosted with magnesium and key essential oils. Each stick has a purpose!

Our Soothing Stick is just one of our popular Magnesium Sticks. Convenient, easy to use and great for grab and go or in a purse, we have several options to choose from for soothing relieve of aches and pains to soothing away allergies. 

Sticks also fit perfectly into stockings! 


Bonus Stick In December

Even if the snow might be piling up in some places, we can melt away stress and tension with our December Customer Special.

Frankincense and Orange Essential Oils are ancient essential oils recognized for their powerful emotional benefits. Frankincense is calming and aids in releasing tension while Orange is uplifting and increases a positive attitude.

These oils are blended with Magnesium to create our December Customer Special Exclusive Stick! 

Apply to temples, wrists, behind the ears any place that holds stress and tension!


Magnesium Boost for Well-Being

Magnesium, like what is found in our sticks, is one of our flagship ingredients. 

Our Magnesium Lotion is one of our top-selling products each month. Did you know 55% of America’s are deficient in magnesium? 

How many of you or someone you love suffers from occasional leg cramps, muscle spasms like eye twitches, or achy, sore muscles?  

Our topical magnesium lotion comes both with and without peppermint essential oil and is made with healthy ingredients like aloe, sunflower oil and jojoba oil along with magnesium. These ingredients have been shown to help relieve those minor aches and pains and support the body’s need for magnesium.


Core 4 Video

If you are new to JE or new to magnesium, the Core 4 Starter System is a must-have combo! Listen as Nancy shares more about this amazing collection.

Bundle and Save!

We love a good bundle!

Core 4 includes your choice of unscented or peppermint magnesium lotion, a magnesium stick, lotion bar, plus Skin Relief to soothe and care for even the driest skin. 

Not only is this bundle a significant savings, but it makes you an instant qualifier for this month’s Customer Special! Remember to comment “Interested” to add this set to your Wishlist!


Mix and Match with a Weekly Special

COMFORT dry skin with rich Skin Relief (4 oz) and find JOY in the soothing essential oils of orange and lavender in a pre-blended Blender Buddy (5mL).

Place a dollop of Skin Relief in the palm of the hand, add 2-3 drops of the Blender Buddy, and rub your hands together. Use on arms, legs, and hands.

TIP: We recommend playing Christmas Carols while applying!


And now the feet….

We started with self-care at the top of our head, covered our hands, neck, body and now down to our feet!

The December Joyful Jordan Box is all about pampering our tootsies! They may be tucked away in shoes and boots now, but they still deserve some love. Gently slough off dry skin with an invigorating Peppermint Foot Scrub and loofa disc. Moisturize, soothe and soften with Peppermint Shea Butter for the finishing touch.


3 Ways to Enjoy JE

Did you know there are 3 ways to get Jordan Essentials products in your home? 

The first way is by placing an order on XXX party! 

****Add in about Feeding America during the first 12 days of December


How about free?

The 2nd way to get JE products in your home is to become a host. We pamper our qualifying hosts with free products, ½ price items, a monthly special and more! I would love to share healthy, nontoxic products with your friends and family too and help you earn your favorite products for FREE. 

In addition to the rewards mentioned above, our hosts receive a ½ price item for EVERY party booked from theirs! When two or more friends book, _______ will be eligible to receive Book 2 VIP $50 Host Shopping Spree! And you’ll be eligible for this when you get 2 bookings from YOUR party!

We can do an online party like this one…or an in-person Spa Bar or even a Party On the Go. Let me know which would work for you. Comment which party type you are interested in below and I can answer any questions. When you select your date before _____ closes her party, she will receive credit for your booking.

Enjoy it all…all the time!

Of course, if you were thinking, “I can do what she does!”, you are right! YOU can earn money by sharing healthy products with others too! You can start a Jordan Essentials business for just $99. This is the BEST way to get JE products in your home!

Our business kit features over $285 in full size products and all the materials you will need to get off to a successful start in the business. 

You can work this business online, part time or big time, the choice is yours! If you would like to learn more about starting your business, message me or type “Tell Me More” in the comments and I’ll send you some more information to look over and we can chat!


We have so many products I didn’t get to share with all of you today, but great news! I have a VIP Facebook Group where I share valuable tips and information that focuses on Healthy Skin and a Healthy Life. Members also get access to promotions and notifications of special events! Go to _____________________(Insert VIP Group Link) and request to join for one final chance to win tonight’s drawing!


Wrap Up

I’m getting ready to gather all of the entries for our prize drawing! Want to make sure you didn’t miss a video or post? Click on PHOTOS or VIDEOS in this group to quickly jump to what you’re looking for!

Just a few reminders while I’m figuring out who our winner is tonight. If you would like to place your order directly, here is the party link:

If you would like me to contact you for your order, comment below and I will connect with you shortly.

We will be closing our party on…. (INSERT DATE AND TIME)

Thank YOU!

A big thank you to our host, ________, for getting everyone together for our fun online Spa Bar! You were an awesome host! And to every guest who participated, it was a pleasure having you.  I hope you will join our mission of sharing Healthy Skin – Health Life.

Remember, you will want to place your order at _______ (insert party link) by ________ (close date) OR message me and I will review your wish list with you, answer your questions and get your order placed for you! Good night everyone!


(The Next Morning)
Party Poll

Thank you all so much for attending live or viewing our online party! I had a great time sharing Jordan Essentials with all of you. Please take a minute to comment below with the letter that most describes you! 

I look forward to continuing to serve you. Keep my contact information in your phone and stay connected with me in my VIP group at __________________.

Enjoy your new products and thanks again to _______, our awesome host!!