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Magnesium is amazing!
Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body, and your body naturally absorbs it
through the foods you eat.
But, we don’t always eat right…and our foods may not contain the vital nutrients we need.
Magnesium is responsible for over 300 essential metabolic functions! Everything from energy
production to nerve and muscle function, to healthy bones and teeth, and so much more!
Topical applications and soaks can help fill the gap!

Dead Sea Salt – Enhanced with Magnesium!
Dead Sea Salts soothe skin inflammation and sore muscles.
Magnesium has a soothing effect for many and can penetrate deep into the skin and support
healthy blood flow. Magnesium also acts on the muscle tissue to relax tense tissue, often
offering some relief from muscle discomfort.
Dead Sea Salts come pre-scented or unscented. With unscented Dead Sea Salts you can add
essential oils of your choice to make it a more personal experience.
Add lavender for relaxation, orange for uplifting or frankincense for calming.

What About the Feet?
Don’t forget about the feet and toes!
Start with a detox charcoal mask, follow up with your favorite salt scrub, rinse and soak in
Dead Sea Salts…and seal in the moisture with a Lotion Bar or Peppermint Magnesium Lotion!

Soak away stress and tension with a Dead Sea Salts Soak!
Harvested from the Dead Sea and fortified with magnesium, Dead Sea Salt Soaks are soothing
to the skin and help relieve stress and tension.
Sit back and relax in our naturally unscented salts or choose one of our fan-favorite
Oatmeal Milk & Honey provides a soothing aroma to melt away your cares. Need
something for extra stress relief?
Try the Lavender & Eucalyptus blend for a boost of relaxation!
Copa-Calm takes relaxation to the next level! It’s new and a fan favorite!

Soak in Natural Goodness!
Dead Sea Salts are special because of the combination of natural minerals concentrated in the
salts. These salts are harvested directly from the Dead Sea and include magnesium, calcium,
sulfur, bromide, potassium, sodium, and zinc. Since they are natural, they are in a form that
absorbs into the skin more readily.

Soak Up the Savings Too!
Dead Sea Salts are packed with magnesium and other natural minerals our bodies need. They
soak away minor aches and pains and offer a calming, soothing spa experience in the comfort
of your own home! Soak up the savings and grab your favorite scents today!

More Than a Soak:
It is no secret that our Magnesium Dead Sea salts have some serious beneficial properties, but
did you know Dead Sea Salts can be used for more than just a relaxing soak in the tub?
Here are 3 other ways to reap the benefits of this amazing product!

Foot Soak: Add 2-3 tbls of salt to a warm basin of water, and allow your feet to soak up the
natural minerals found in the salts.
Dandruff Treatment: Combine 1 tbls of Unscented Magnesium Dead Sea Salts with 1 tbls of JE
Unscented Shea Body Butter. Massage into the scalp and wait 5 minutes. Rinse well and wash
with JE Shampoo.
Strengthen Nails and Cuticles: Soak nails in a mixture of 1 tsp Magnesium Dead Sea Salt, 1 drop
JE Lemon Essential Oil, 2 tbls water and 1/2 tsp Olive Oil for 5 minutes. Scrub nails with nail
brush and rinse completely.

Double Dip with Dead Sea Salts Soaks!
Quick math – Our 32 oz bags are just $30 – a $12 savings each! Buy two bags and purchase our
Customer Special Skin Relief Spray with Lavender for just $5!
This is a $102 value for just $65! WOW!!!

Wind Down
Wind down after a busy day in the sun with the relaxing benefits of Magnesium Dead Sea Salts.
Purify pores, enhance skin hydration, soothe inflammation & sore muscles, calm itchy skin, and
Available in Unscented so you can add your own essential oil preference or grab our pre-mixed
scents and be ready to soak!