Half-Price Kits – Watch Your Business Bloom with Half-Price Kits

This special is always a hit. Both kits are 50% off and include key products to get a new Jordie off to a great start.  In addition, New Jordies will have access to all training & support, back office features and their Technology & Marketing fee (website) FREE for 3 months.

Sales Tip: Use this special to engage with past customers and hosts during your customer care calls. Reach out let them know you love them as a VIP customer, add in that maybe in the past you didn’t offer them the option of earning 25% on all of their purchases and the purchases of their friends and family. This would be a great month for them to consider this option. 🙂

BONUS – When you Sponsor 2 in April, you will be working your Race to the River and will receive a coupon code for a special container of Foamtastic Fizzy Bubble Bath! 

Keys to Sponsor:

  1. Offer it as an option to everyone!
  2. Don’t pre-judge and answer “no” for them!
  3. Share your experience and don’t be an “undercover” Jordie!